You can already put the Artificial Intelligence “AI” functionality on your Samsung Galaxy device


With the One UI 6.1 update coming at the end of March, like the recently launched Galaxy S24 series, several other Galaxy devices will also feature Galaxy AI artificial intelligence in the future. The update will be available on the Galaxy S23 and Tab S9 series devices, as well as the S23 FE, Fold5 and Flip5 smartphones.

Easy communication in different languages ​​using Galaxy Buds

In the future, even more Galaxy users will be able to improve their communication with Galaxy AI features such as Chat Assist[1]which can translate communications into 13 languages ​​and adjust the tone of written messages, as well as Live Translate[2] a function that enables online translation of telephone conversations.

On the spot, using the real-time translation function Tulks (Interpreter), Galaxy users can talk to people in a language they understand, which is especially useful when, for example, visiting another country. This feature offers automatic translation of spoken text into audio and written format.

A software update for the Samsung Galaxy Buds headphones will allow you to use the Tulks in-person translation function even more effectively. When using Galaxy Buds in connection with Galaxy smart devices, users can listen to a translation of what is said separated from other sounds through their headphones, while the conversation partner hears what the user said through the smartphone’s speaker. In this way, it is possible to focus more on the essence of the conversation, rather than the technical solution.

Productivity enhanced by artificial intelligence

Expanded Galaxy AI integration will enable users of Galaxy devices to be even more efficient. For example, now it’s even easier to search the Internet thanks to Circle to Search with Google[3] for a feature that provides users with detailed search results by swiping an image of an object on the screen with a simple circular gesture.

Note Assist also makes life and work easier[4] a feature where AI helps you organize your notes by structuring them and creating summaries, and Browsing Assist[5] feature that generates comprehensive news summaries. Transcript Assist, on the other hand, is a useful feature that will help more Galaxy device users to transcribe, summarize and translate what they hear in meetings using the voice recording app.

Galaxy AI unleashes creativity

Galaxy’s latest update will help users unleash their creativity even further with a range of Galaxy AI tools. With Generative Edit[6] function can improve the captured images by changing the composition of the photo, the size and position of the objects visible in it, while the Edit Suggestion[7] feature allows you to use AI to correct images even faster by receiving editing suggestions. With AI function Instant Slow-mo[8] can generate additional video frames to slow down even videos shot in slow motion.

[1] Logging in to a Samsung Account may be required to use the Chat Assist feature. Some chat programs may not support this feature. Some languages ​​may require a language pack download. Availability of the Service may vary by language. This function is activated when a language to be translated is detected. Accuracy of results cannot be guaranteed.
[2] Live Translate requires a network connection and a Samsung Account login. Live translation is only available in pre-downloaded Samsung smartphone apps. Some languages ​​may require the download of language packs. Service may vary by language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.
[3] Results may vary depending on visual matches. Internet connection required. Users may need to update their Android to the latest version. Product functionality may depend on app and device settings. Some features may not be compatible with certain apps. Service availability varies by country and language. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed. The update time may vary by model.
[4] For text only in the Samsung Notes app (200-4000 characters). Network connection and Samsung Account login required.
[5] Only available in the Samsung Internet app.
[6] Generative Edit requires a network connection and a Samsung account login. Editing with Generative edit resizes the photo to 12 MP. After saving, a visible watermark is overlaid on the image to indicate that the image was generated by AI. The accuracy and reliability of the content is not guaranteed.
[7] Edit Suggestion features are compatible with JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats. Editing results and quality may vary depending on shooting or filming conditions. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.
[8] Instant Slow-mo is available on Galaxy S23 series devices, Z Fold5, Z Flip5 and Tab S9 series devices.

Photo: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Artificial intelligence “AI” capabilities Photo: Screenshot

Photo: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Artificial intelligence “AI” capabilities Photo: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Artificial intelligence “AI” capabilities Photo: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Artificial intelligence “AI” capabilities Photo: Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Artificial intelligence “AI” capabilities Photo: Screenshot

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