We invite you to apply for the book rewriting workshop

We invite you to apply for the book rewriting workshop
We invite you to apply for the book rewriting workshop

The Canadian artist collective “PME-ART” and the International Festival of New Theater “Homo Novus” invite you to apply for a book rewriting workshop.

Adventure can be found in everything. The international festival of new theater “Homo Novus” is looking for artists, researchers and representatives of various cultural sectors who are interested in the text and who would be willing to spend the first week of September this year from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m in a performative book rewriting workshop Riga.

Montreal collective PME-ART’s public book rewriting workshop-performance “Adventure can be found in everything…”, dedicated to the rewriting of Susan Sontag’s early diaries, was first held two years ago at the TransAmeriques Canadian Dance and Theater Festival. It is based on the idea that reading a book is a creative process in which each reader rewrites the book in a way. Each of us reads a different version of the book, in which our own lives and the world around us enter to a large extent. By literally transferring this metaphor to a real-life situation, the creators of the show want to create a space for a continuous conversation where coincidences, intuition and essential nuances meet.

Those interested must be available from August 30 to September 6and must participate at least in two informative workshop sessions with artists in the coming months. Books can be rewritten in Latvian and English or translated into one of these languages. Remuneration for writing is provided according to the average salary in the country.

We invite those interested to send their CVs and motivation letters (one A4 page) to [email protected]. In motivation letters, it is preferable to also mention the book(s) you want to rewrite, as well as explain the reasons for this choice (for example, the book belongs to the literary canon, you feel a special connection with this work, the book has aspects that you would have described differently than the author, etc. etc.).

Application deadline: April 18 (23.59). The results of participation in the workshop will be announced by April 22. In case of questions, you can write an e-mail to [email protected] or call +371 23775432.

PME-ART (Pretty Much Everything – ART) is an interdisciplinary group from Montreal who have created many innovative and unusual performances over the past twenty years. They are always created by collaborating with artists from various other art fields and combining theater, music, literature, visual arts, poetry and philosophy, theoretical and practical research. PME-ART’s stage works tend to upset the balance and cause contradictory feelings, but the authors believe that this is not only art – we face social and personal discomfort every day, so it is important to recognize this uncomfortable reality and look for critical approaches to it.


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