At the end of February, the comedy “Melnais satts” by director Lindes, nominated for “Great Kristaps”, will reach the audience.

At the end of February, the comedy “Melnais satts” by director Lindes, nominated for “Great Kristaps”, will reach the audience.
At the end of February, the comedy “Melnais satts” by director Lindes, nominated for “Great Kristaps”, will reach the audience.

The film “Melnais samts” is the director’s first full-length feature film, which won nine nominations for the “Lielais Kristaps” National Film Award, including claiming a victory in the “Best Film” category.

Zālīte states that the film is a humorous story about the twists and turns of a young woman’s relationship and creative life, trying to achieve her goals and become a normal adult. Dreams alternate with reality, emotional life challenges with absurd humor and self-irony.

The description of the film states that thirty-year-old Marta has a job, friends, a romantic relationship and a cute cat. Everything should be fine, but Marta doesn’t get the feeling that she’s just pretending to cope with adult life. When Marta’s best friend Kaspar returns to town for a month, she finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of increasingly unpredictable events, trying to find an answer to the question of what an authentic life is and where to find the courage to live it.

Linde, the director and scriptwriter of the film “Melnais samts”, notes that when making the film, she thought about the audience of Latvia. It was important for her to present Latvian moviegoers with a film that would be both entertaining and mentally stimulating.

“In my opinion, both Latvians and Baltics in general have their own unique and sophisticated sense of humor. The concept of “Scandinavian humor” is known in international film circles, and I think it’s time to say that Baltic humor also exists aesthetically. It’s similarly black as Finnish humor, but less dark and depressing, more colorful and ironic. The humor of people who look at themselves as failures, but are actually very tenacious. The story of the main character of the film is exactly the story of such a person,” emphasizes the director.

The main role in the film is played by the actress Inga Tropa, other roles are played by experienced actors as well as debutants, including Gatis Ungurs, Baiba Broka, Kaspars Beķeris, Sabīne Tīkmane, Iveta Pole, Alexs Kazanavičjus, Ivars Krasts, Āirts Krūmiņš and others.

The film was made by script writer and director Linde, cinematographer Dāvids Smiltiņš, artist Ieva Kauliņa, costume designer Liene Dobrāja, makeup artist Ilona Zariņa, composer Doms Strupinskas, editing directors Ieva Veiverīte and Linde, sound director Jons Maksvītis, producer Guntis Trekteris, executive producer Alice Sietiņa, co-producer Ieva Norviliene. It is planned that the premiere of the film will take place on February 19, while special screenings with the creative team are planned from February 21.

Linde is a film director, screenwriter, editing director and publicist. Graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture, won the “Big Kristaps” for both her bachelor’s thesis – the short film “Four Feasts” and her master’s thesis – the short film “Seven Times of Awkward Sex”.

Together with Armanda Zača, Linde shot the 2020 documentary film “Presence”, which received the “Big Kristaps” award for the best documentary film direction. Linde created the 2022 digital show “Hunting” together with Elmāras Senkova. The director has also taught filmmaking at the National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture. On the other hand, the premiere of the multi-part film “The Assistant” directed by Lindes and Alice Zariņa is expected this year.

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