“Now think – How do you hold the cup?”; Look at the picture and take the personality test


It is best if you drink tea or coffee now. If not, just remember how you do it and look at the picture. It is important to choose exactly the position in which your hand feels most comfortable.

1. Holding the handle and extending the little finger

Aristocratic pose. You are confident, persistent and ambitious, often go to extremes and rarely compromise.

You are able to inspire people and help them express their talents, you quickly navigate difficult situations and make the best possible decision.

2. Wrap both palms around the cup

One of your strongest qualities is the ability to listen and empathize. You are often approached by people who need support and a warm word.

You value your personal space very much and cherish mental comfort, so you can be selective in communication.

3. While holding the handle, squeeze your palm into a fist

Peace is your usual state, it is difficult for circumstances to knock you out of line. You approach any matter as seriously as possible, calculating everything several steps ahead.

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You are a real fighter for justice, who always tries to get to the truth.

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