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One of Jānis Streič’s most popular films is the feature film “Child of a Man”, dedicated to his native Latgale, based on the novel by Jānis Klījēs, which was made in 1991, at a crucial time for the fate of Latvia against the background of complex historical events – at the beginning of the filming, the group stopped work and everyone went to the January barricades together. while the last filming in the cornfield took place in the days of the August putsch. The almost autobiographical story about the joys and sorrows of a little boy from Latgale was the first film that Latvia submitted for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences “Oscar” award in the “Best Foreign Film” category, and it is also the first feature film shot in Latgale. It was shown for the first time in 2017 as a renewed version, celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film. The film was restored, bringing the image as closely as possible to the original qualities. Jānis Streičs himself also participated in the restoration process as a consultant. The little Latgalian boy Bonifačias Paulāns, known as Boniuk in his family, lives on his farm together with his mother, father and three unmarried sisters of his father. Boņuk is childishly in love with the beautiful neighbor’s daughter Brigitta, who lovingly calls the boy her girlfriend. Boņuk fights for justice in the world, as his child’s heart understands it, especially taking care of the girl Paulini, whose family may have to leave their home due to debts. In the everyday life of Latgale countryside, a child does not lack his joys and sorrows, for which he has to confess and pray to the Savior. Once, after a visit, the father gives a shepherd dog Žika to his relatives, and Boņuk is so angry about it that he decides to leave the world.

Latvia, 1991.

Director: Jānis Streičs. Cast: Andris Rudzinskis, Akvelīna Līvmane, Jānis Paukštello, Boleslavs Ružs, etc.

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