In the “X Factor” show, the contestant is voted out by Patricija Spali –


On Sunday evening, the viewers of the TV3 show “X Factor” decided that the inductee Patricija Spale should leave the show without the chance to sing the savior song.

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In the second live broadcast of the TV3 show “X Factor” on Sunday, November 19, the participants performed songs created before the year 2000. Both domestic patriotic hits and foreign songs that have become legends were played. Music experts both praised and criticized the participants.

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Patricia Spale performed Cyndi Lauper’s hit “True Colors” in the second live show. After listening to the performance, Intars Busulis felt like he was at a concert. The expert thanked Patricia for deciding to act as a soloist. Aija Auškāpa was delighted with the universal tenderness that the young woman managed to take over from the original and convey to the audience. Patricia’s mentor, Marats Ogleznevs, advised her to continue drawing musical scenes. He was sure that the singer would succeed in everything.

After the voting was closed, it was announced that Patricia Spale won the ninth place in the fifth season of the X Factor show.

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“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to step on this stage again, to meet so many talented artists whom I can now call my friends. It’s a pleasure to work with such a cool team”, P. Spale shared his feelings.

“You were wonderful and I think tonight, as Intar said, your performance was the best number of the night. Injustice, but you showed us yourself in new colors, you have announced yourself, do not stop under any circumstances, everything is in your hands, all doors are open to you!” so Marats Ogleznevs.

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