Wilnis, whose name is Vilnis, appears on the Latvian music scene

Wilnis, whose name is Vilnis, appears on the Latvian music scene
Wilnis, whose name is Vilnis, appears on the Latvian music scene

The musician Wilnis appeared with the debut single “Esi libras”. “This is a new page in my life, and no one knows with what color ink it will be described,” the debutante himself.

Vilnis Weinbergs (that’s what this musician is called in civilian life), when releasing his first single, also applies his stage name – Wilnis. “I can consider the Student Folk Festival held at Jelgava University as my solo debut for a wider audience, where I received recognition from both the jury and the audience. It was a strong motivation not to stop and to continue what was started,” says Vilnis, or Wilnis, about himself. “On a daily basis, I am a certified civil engineer and design various buildings, but in music I find peace and refuge from everyday worries. In my music and lyrics I include my emotions about the life situations around us all. When performing the songs “live”, the sound is a mixture of different genres, where the acoustic guitar with various sound effects and a voice are the basis.”

It must be admitted that the song “Be Free” is completely listenable – it is neither a hit nor a folk song, but rather light pop-rock. “The song is about everyday obligations and responsibilities that prevent us from being ourselves and doing the things we would like, because we run in the vicious circle of everyday life. That’s why you should stop sometime, ask yourself – what do you really want? Be free in both thoughts and actions,” urges Vilnis, the author of the song’s music and lyrics. He himself also participated in the production of the song – in cooperation with guitar virtuoso Mārci Vasilevski, under whose direction the song was recorded in the studio “Laimes telpa”.

The lyric video was made in collaboration with Eric Saxon.

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