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The group “Bekars” decided to show their Latvian side in the second live broadcast of the TV3 show “X factor” on Sunday, November 19, by taking the song “Piekūns skrien debies” by Ainar Mielava. The song can be found in the dowry chest of many Latvians’ favorite songs, which shows that the group is ready to take risks by performing what they know and love so well, reports TV3.

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The guys are happy to perform as a trio, because they fill the stage better and are not so afraid. “Bekars” feels satisfied that they manage to find a common denominator with Aija, the mentor gives her insight, they give theirs, then a middle ground crystallizes.

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“An important song because the very first song we ever played. A wish for everyone – let’s wake up, get up, there’s a great road ahead,” says the band about the song.

After the hearing, Reinis Sējans thanked the guys for the injection of patriotism. Intars Busulis shouted the words together with those sitting in the hall – Latvia, Latvia! Aija Auškāpa emphasized that it is simply not possible to perform better.

The audience decided to continue the show – Luka, Krišjānis Brasliņš, the group “Bekars”, Emilija Bērziņa, Katrīna Kovalūkas and Jānis Miglāns.

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