You will have to fight for your choices! Horoscopes for November 21

You will have to fight for your choices! Horoscopes for November 21
You will have to fight for your choices! Horoscopes for November 21

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Today you should not forget that people are not zoo animals and that no cage will stop you from the place you are bored to death. Take action!

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Your mood will depend a lot on what and in what order will happen around you. In this situation, everything will not go as smoothly as you would like to hope, but you must learn to take responsibility as well – not only for those others.



Your plans today may be shaken by some external pressure. You will have to fight for your choices if you really want to implement them.


Your thoughts will be noble, and your plans far-reaching. Try not to neglect any of them, because they are of great value and may be useful to you in the future.


Have mercy, you are not quite almighty yet, you still have certain limits! Don’t put all the work on your shoulders. Let someone else do it!


This day promises to be very successful in terms of business. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. You will manage to prove that you are the best of the best.


Back off before you seriously hurt someone you care about. Today you will have to control yourself every second so as not to say something too much and something that you will regret.


Do not rush to assess what is happening. The fact that you are currently in the mood to take something as a personal insult is likely to be just a clumsy misunderstanding. So hurry is the last thing you need.


If you haven’t already earned a reputation as a financial genius, it’s only by pure chance. Today you will be able to solve almost any money problem and, what is important, you will not create new ones instead.


Today, victory over difficulties will be given to you so easily that you may want to artificially complicate the situation again. However, resist such a temptation – in the end, it will not be good for you at all.


You should check if there are any outstanding bills and such. Try to finish everything you have delayed and don’t put it off until tomorrow.



Give voice to your common sense – it has long wanted to express itself. Listen to what it tells you and accept it! Last is the keyword!


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