Astrologer Pavel Globa shared a new forecast and announced that the upcoming winter will be terrible


Pavel Globa recently told what will happen to the world in 2024. We will find out in time which predictions will come true. Today we will tell you the forecast for 2024 prepared by Pavel Globa.

In his forecast, Pavel Globa looks at the future from the perspective of the community. Pavel Globa came to shocking conclusions based on planetary influence and astrological data.

Earlier, the astrologer predicted new foci of economic conflicts in 2023. These conflicts can last for several years.

Global forecast for 2024

According to the position of the heavenly bodies, Pavel Globa predicts that the world may plunge into conflicts in the near future. To avoid this, there is an urgent need to find a constructive solution and reach a consensus.

Otherwise, the world may enter judgment day. Each of us will feel it on our skin. 2023-2024 this year’s winter will be one of the worst for our world.

This may prove to be a fatal interval between the past and the future for our planet. We need to find ways to peacefully resolve conflicts and build a secure existence for the future of our planet and its inhabitants. You should also beware of provocations that may come from one side or the other.

The astrologer advises to try to maintain the unstable balance that exists today, one must be more positive and open. This winter is expected to be very gloomy and dark and only we can do it with our thoughts.

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This winter, according to Pavel Globa, we will see what the results of the decisions will be, whether they were correct. Or the consequences of wrong decisions. Regarding the upcoming cold, the astrologer says that the winter will be with strong frost, especially in Eastern Europe.

What is expected in Latvia? Let’s find out!

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