Arnis Rachinskis, Jolanta Strikaite and Valdis Sils visit “Vakirins ar vavijems”

Arnis Rachinskis, Jolanta Strikaite and Valdis Sils visit “Vakirins ar vavijems”
Arnis Rachinskis, Jolanta Strikaite and Valdis Sils visit “Vakirins ar vavijems”

You can celebrate holidays with Latvian celebrities as if you were your own. Musician Arnis Rachinskis, singer Jolanta Strikaite and event leader and improviser Valdis Sils are visiting this week.

On the first evening, the celebrities come to the family of the artist Agnes. Since the party will be held in a wooded area, let’s find out where the celebrities come from and whether they have the country or the city at heart. The family’s little tricksters will surprise the unprepared, because the guests will just have to sit inside the tractor and trust the little hands that will take them to another location. During dinner, we will visit the family’s pets – horses, where Valdis will remember his childhood nickname. Considering that Agnes’ husband lived in France, let’s find out what languages ​​Arnis, Jolanta and Valdis can speak. At the end of the dinner, a touching concert.

On the second day, the celebrities will go to Sigulda to see the editing director Lauma, who will surprise them – the party will take place in a hotel, because that’s where the host of the dinner lives! Celebrities will be treated to leftovers from the hotel’s breakfast, which will create vivid emotions, what will the celebrities say about it? Let’s find out that not all of the guests are pure-blooded Latvians and their ancestral roots can be found in other countries as well. For entertainment, guests will have the opportunity to compete in pillow fights and we will also find out what adventures celebrities have encountered while traveling.

On the third evening, we will go to Tukuma for beauty. The star trio will be hosted by influencer Alda with her children. Mia, the little child of the family, will be extremely happy because she recognizes Jolanta’s voice from the cartoon “Heart of Ice”. Let’s find out how many children our celebrities have and how many they plan to have, as well as find out that Arnis is open to dating offers. He will share a crazy dating story with a lady. The guests will be moved by animal yoga and later also by traumatic stories about failed situations on stage and in professional work. Celebrities will have the opportunity to visit a children’s beauty salon, where they will have the opportunity to dye their hair and get a tattoo. Will the guests be ready for it?

Spend your weekday evenings with your loved ones!

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