Any attempt to lie will lead you to the edge of the cliff. Horoscopes for November 20

Any attempt to lie will lead you to the edge of the cliff. Horoscopes for November 20
Any attempt to lie will lead you to the edge of the cliff. Horoscopes for November 20



Be careful when trying to draw attention to yourself today, because you can get too much of it. So what to do with countless benefactors who try to instruct, advise, help, even though you don’t need help? Don’t listen to them!

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Financial problems will come to the fore today. Which, in fact, is nothing new – you were already prepared that they would hit you sooner or later. However, no tragedy has happened and you will prevent them quickly, as usual.



Today you should trust yourself more. If your heart tells you something, you have to believe it, and not look for a hundred reasons to doubt it.


You will be very energetic, and you will also “stick” others with your energy. The most important thing is not to get carried away with the same paths, because you are capable of much more.


Today it is strictly forbidden for you to rush and worry. Both of these things can seriously ruin your day. Therefore, to prevent it from happening, cut it off at the very root.


This can be one of the defining days of your life. Do not miss your great opportunity, because you will definitely be given one. So keep your eyes wide open.


This will be a good day when it comes to finances. You will manage to solve some problems that seemed almost or unsolvable just a few days ago…. You can also try to fulfill one of your dreams.


Allows you to influence your opinion, maybe it will be very important to someone. Listen to what this person tells you and explains. Stupidity is the last thing you will need today.


Make sure that you have clear rules both for yourself and for your housemates, otherwise there is a risk that everything will go in such a way that it will be difficult to get out of it.


The less you think about how to behave and what to say, the more successful your day will be today. Any attempt to lie will lead you to the edge of the cliff, so don’t even try!


Your voice will not be the loudest today. It’s better to be silent than to strain your vocal cords unnecessarily – especially if no one wants to listen to you anyway. Just wait your turn.



Don’t give up, especially today! Someone told you something that might save your situation. Of course, unless it’s too late…


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