How Guntis Veit pranked Samantha Tina

How Guntis Veit pranked Samantha Tina
How Guntis Veit pranked Samantha Tina

In this task, the green team was tasked with guessing who a portrait of Donald Duck, a plaid vest, and hair gel might belong to. The green team correctly answered that the given items resemble Gunta Veita from the group “Credo”.

Olga Rajecka is not shy to share a few stories about Gunti Veita, because it turns out that he is a big joker, he likes to make fun of people.

The diva of the stage, Olga Rajecka, also told about one of the jokes in the show – how Guntis Veits made fun of Samantha Tina.

“There was one concert at the National Theater, young singers took part, including Samantha Tina, we know that Guntis Veits knows how to babble very well. That event was for pharmacy employees, in other words pharmacists.”

In one of the intervals of the event, Guntis Veits allegedly told his colleagues to list the necessary medications they need on the page, because after the concert, the participants of the event, namely the pharmacists, will send them to them afterwards.

Samantha Tina confidently, trusting the experienced musician, prescribed all the medications for herself and her grandmother, not realizing that she had been played a prank.

During the program, Olga also told Veit’s recent unpleasant situation in one of Riga’s restaurants, where a bird damaged his jacket. Waits even appealed to the “No Taboo” program, but to no avail.

During the program, Olga admits that Guntis Veits also made fun of Olga himself countless times.

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