Snoop Dogg’s fans refuse to believe the musician’s statement that he quit smoking weed


The popular rapper, who is notorious for being a big fan of ‘weed’, has surprised fans with his announcement that he is quitting smoking. Fans refuse to believe that!

Snoop Dogg quits smoking

On Thursday, Nov. 16, the 52-year-old music icon announced on her “X” account (formerly known as “Twitter”): “I quit smoking.”

Snoop Dogg wrote: “After much thought and discussions with the family. I have decided to quit smoking.” He concluded his statement by asking that no questions be asked: “Please respect my privacy at this time.”

His post attracted a lot of attention. It has gained more than 104 million views.

Fans’ hilarious reaction to Snoop Dogg’s announcement

Fans have questioned the veracity of the rapper’s statement and left a series of funny thoughts in the comments section, related to the musician’s unexpected decision.

One fan wrote: “This is probably going to be some big campaign where he’s announcing his hookah or chewable or something.”

Another posted a photo of the rapper and wrote: “Today is not April Fool’s day.”

Another posted a video of the rapper sharing a cigarette with his bodyguard and captioned it: “No one dared to give up a smoke, Snoop Dogg.”

A fourth posted a video of the musician removing his sunglasses and wrote in the comment: “I know you’re pissed off posting this.”

“Not sure if I should report a hacked account,” joked another.

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