“Eight loves” in feelings, stories, music

“Eight loves” in feelings, stories, music
“Eight loves” in feelings, stories, music


“Eight loves” in feelings, stories, music

2023-12-12, 19:00
Yard of Pegasus
7.00, 10.00

Meetings, stories of feelings with Elita Drāki and her new book, a novel inspired by her life story “Eight Loves”. It is based on the life of Elita Drāke with both ups and downs and sharp turns. The book is very true in telling how a young girl grows into an elegant woman and a strong personality. However, this work is not an autobiography. The experience of the main character is used to illustrate how her beliefs and attitude towards life have been formed. The elite have taken the 10th commandment of the samurai as their guiding principle, and it says: “Everything that happens to you is what you need”.

The evening of “Eight Loves” will be very special. Elita Drāke’s soulful life stories will merge with the songs sung by twin sisters Eva & Kaivas. Every story, every song will be the discovery of our soul, where you will feel great love, warmth and a little sadness.

Epiphany will be a celebration for all of us. Let it be!

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