The debut album makes you feel like you’re in free fall

The debut album makes you feel like you’re in free fall
The debut album makes you feel like you’re in free fall

“This is self-affirmation that I can do a lot regardless of my age. If a lot of patience and dedication is devoted, then in fact everything is possible”, in a conversation with Voices of Venta expresses the young singer Sabīne Mustermane, for whom the music album released at the age of 16 means much more than a collection of compositions in tangible CD format. The girl believes that this is like one of the first steps up – to something even bigger, “like a small piece of a puzzle from a bigger picture that I want to achieve”.

The album tells about childhood, about family, about the people around, about home and the feeling of home, which plays an important role in the life of a young woman. Also the album title Magnets symbolizes home – the kitchen, a cozy feeling, magnets by the refrigerator that remind of beautiful memories with family and friends.

In the album eight songs collected for listeners’ evaluation. And it was made only in about seven months, while the group was working Triana Park on the music and education platform of soloist Agnes Rakovska Constellation. Several well-known musicians in Latvia were also involved in the creation of the album, including Agnese Rakovska herself, Pēteris Lunde from the band The Sound Poets, Matiss Repsis. Songs were created without co-authors In half and Only for you. In addition, the song In half, which she also produced herself, is one of the most special for Sabine. It has a deeply personal story. The girl reveals in the conversation that her parents are divorced. The song is about parental love, about what happens when there is too much love. “I am being torn in half. Two ends of a rope, you can’t tie them together,” the author writes in the song. She does not hide that the performance of this song was an emotional moment at the album presentation event, where both the girl’s parents were also present.

Songs free fall ranking at the top of the disc’s track list is no accident. Sabine does not hide that, while creating the album, she often felt like she was in free fall, and this feeling has not subsided for a long time. “I don’t know who will meet me downstairs. Just trusting. It’s an unknown path, but you never know what will happen next… I think someone caught me down there,” reveals the young author.

Sabine is from Riga. She says that she made the decision to study at Ventspils Music High School impulsively – less than two weeks before September 1. She learns jazz vocals from teacher Elina Silova. If not for this turn of events, then Sabine would have continued her studies at the Mārupe State Gymnasium, where she had already been enrolled in the 10th grade. The girl realized some time ago that she likes to make decisions and accept challenges without thinking too much – it will be one way or another, because it makes life more colorful.

Sabine remembers that she has liked to sing since she was very young, but only took it more seriously a couple of years ago. The family album is said to contain videos taken with an old-time camera, in which, as a child, she sings self-composed songs about Winnie the Pooh, Barbies and other characters. Previously, Sabine studied piano for nine years at the Mārupe School of Music and Art. She has also participated in several international competitions with good results.

Ventspils Music High School was recommended to Sabine by Agnese Rakovska. “In my opinion, Ventspils Music High School is very special, it is one of the best in Latvia,” praises the student. Extensive technical provision of sound equipment, professional teachers and a creative environment – these were one of the main reasons why the young woman made a decision in favor of Ventspils Music High School: “The school has absolutely everything you need to be able to create your own songs – from a sketch to a recording. » She is already convinced that much of what Ventspils Music High School offers, she probably wouldn’t have gotten in any other school in Riga. In addition, the desire to go to school and learn is not only motivated by the love of music, but also by the internal environment of the school and the interaction between students. Sabine remembers with a smile that already on the first day she was introduced to the rule that you cannot pass each other at school without saying a friendly greeting: “I find it very special. In Riga, everyone thinks more about themselves, but here a family atmosphere is created.”

In her free time outside of music, Sabine loves to crochet. At the album launch event, she presented a sunflower crocheted by herself to everyone who participated in the creation of the album. In addition, the gift resonates with the song – Only for you, which tells about giving flowers, sunflowers and their symbolism. So far, Sabine’s biggest works are two crocheted jackets, but at the moment they are sitting in the closet unworn, because, according to the girl, they are too colorful for her life for now.

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