The Sound Poets will go on tour

The Sound Poets will go on tour
The Sound Poets will go on tour

Although the name is the same as the spring tour, this one will be slightly different with the program. The representative of the group, Jānis Aišpurs, notes that the acoustic programs have become the second identity of the group, there are people who are waiting for them. Therefore, the group continues to explore various concert venues in Latvia.

“More than once, after the acoustic concerts, we have received a question where you can listen to this particular version of the song. That’s why we decided that these questions and arrangements cannot be ignored and we decided to create a favorite selection of all the songs from the previous acoustic tours,” said Aišpurs .

This is the band’s fifth studio album, featuring a selection of 12 songs in a specially created acoustic arrangement. The album “Klusāk” was recorded in the summer and autumn of 2023 in the 1st studio of Latvian Radio and in the group’s studio. The new arrangements were created by the band members themselves. The director of the recording is Krišjānis Geidāns, the mastering and mixing engineer is Gatis Zaķis. The author of the visual solution is Werner Timoshko.

The new record can be heard on the band’s streaming platforms, while the visitors of the acoustic concerts will be the first to hear the physical album. The recording “Quiet” can be listened to on the music streaming platform “Spotify”.

The acoustic concert series “By the fire” will be performed on November 15 at the Culture Center of the Ogre region, on November 19 at the “Cēsis” concert hall, on November 22 at the “Ulbrokas pērle” culture center, on November 25 at the Limbažu Culture House, on December 1 at the Talsu Town Hall, on November 2. in December at the Slampe Culture Palace, on December 9 at the Kuldīga Culture Center and on December 10 at the Bauska Culture Center.

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