Bruce Willis’ wife tells how her youngest daughter supports her sick dad


Emma Hemming has told on her “Instagram” page how the youngest daughter brought her mother to tears with her touching concern for her father.

“I’ll tell you a story and I’ll try not to cry. Because when Evelyn told me the story, I burst into tears,” says Emma. The girl recently approached her mother and asked if she knew that people with dementia often suffer from severe dehydration. Emma wondered where her daughter got such knowledge, to which Evelina replied that she had free time and decided to look for amusing facts about dementia on the Internet. “She’s really her father’s daughter because they both love random facts,” Willis’ wife said.

She thanked her daughter for her concern and promised that she would make sure that Bruce always had a bottle of water at hand. Hemming also emphasized that the best care for a person with dementia is not to remain indifferent to the disease and to study it in order to know how to support loved ones. “Thank you for letting me know… The most loving and compassionate thing you can do is to be curious and research your father’s illness,” she told her daughter.

Besides Evelyn, the couple also has an 11-year-old daughter, Mabel Rae. In total, Bruce Willis has five children. His first wife, actress Demi Moore, gave him his three oldest daughters.

His family announced that doctors diagnosed Bruce with frontotemporal dementia in February of this year, a year after the actor was diagnosed with aphasia.

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