A charity garden festival dedicated to people with mental disorders was held in Viesturdarz


Rosne is the mother of Krister, an adult young man with mental disorders. She explains that such people cannot fully participate in society, but they also have dreams and goals. “One of them is to live a full life and be accepted for who they are – with their personalities, their talents, their individuality,” Rosne said.

Adults with mental disorders mostly stay in day centers, group homes, long-term social care institutions or with their families, and the general public has relatively little contact with them. As a result, there are many prejudices about such people, as well as the society as a whole does not have the skills to talk, live, and cooperate with them. The Garden Festival “Invites Kristers” will be an opportunity to break these daily boundaries and come closer to make our society more sensitive, inclusive and rich.

Many Latvian artists supported the celebration with their participation – Renārs Kaupers and his friends, the group “Dzelzs vilks”, Andris Keišs and Kristīne Zadovska, Keitija Bārbale, Guntis Veits and DJ Uldis Rudaks performed.

The painters Gita Šmite and Signe Vanadziņa worked together with the young people in the creative workshops, and they had the opportunity to paint their favorite T-shirts together with the textile artist Juta Treija. Event manager Vita Balčunaite took care of the festive atmosphere.

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