The final show of “Musical bank 2022” – Culture, art will be held already on Saturday

The final show of “Musical bank 2022” – Culture, art will be held already on Saturday
The final show of “Musical bank 2022” – Culture, art will be held already on Saturday

Already on Saturday, January 28, Daugavpils Olympic Center will host the final show of the survey “Music Bank” organized by Latvian Radio 2, to find out which of the 15 songs selected by listeners and experts will become the most valuable pop and rock song in Latvia in 2022. The final show will be broadcast live at 9:10 p.m. it is possible to listen and watch on Latvijas Radio 2, LTV1, and on the public media portal This year, the award ceremony will be hosted by the actor of the Latvian National Theater Igors Šelegovskis. The most beloved local musicians and their associations will take the stage and fight for the title of this year’s most valuable song. including, so far the most titled winners of “Music Bank” Dons, “Prāta Vētra” and others.

“Music bank” has been a celebration for several decades not only for listeners, but also for the musicians themselves, who appreciate the opportunity to get together. It is a meeting with both listeners and other colleagues, and new ideas and also new musical associations often arise at the event. It is also one of the platforms that helps Latvian popular music to grow and develop,” he says Director of Latvian Radio 2 Kaspars Mauriņšwho will also be backstage during this year’s event together with his colleague Lina Rudzoni.

As usual, the management of the final show of “Music Bank” is entrusted to a person from the artistic circles this year as well. This year, the actor of the Latvian National Theater Igors Šelegovskis, who is also known as the rapper indigo, will take on the role of leader. “Igor is an excellent host of events, and the scenario of the final show created by the text author Marta Fabricius will certainly suit him. Also, it is very important for musicians to perform on a stage where there are top-level light, video and sound technical solutions and the best directors, screenwriters and cameramen work, and “Muzikālā banka” provides all of that,” says Aigars Dinsbergs, executive producer of “Music Bank”..

The producer of the event is Latvijas Radio. The direction of the final show this year is also in the hands of the experienced director Zane Gargažina. On the other hand, the LTV1 live broadcast will be made by director Arvīds Babris. LTV editor – Eva Heinsberga, project manager – Jana Priedniece, leading operator – Rihards Smelters, sound director – Uldis Salenieks.

The winner may be determined by the results of a live telephone vote

Traditionally, in the first part of the final show, 15 finalists will take the stage: Don and Roland če with the song “Brīnīšķīga diena”, the group “Prāta Vētra” and Asnate Rancāne, performing the song “Gads bez kalendan”, Ivo Fomins and Tipa with “Ielai pāri”, MESA with the song “What more do I need”, Aminata and Boo, performing the song “Kur saule”, the group “Sudden Lights” with the song “Laternas”, the group “Citi Zēni” with “Lieka stuka”, “Bermudu Divstūris” and “Auļi” , who will perform the song “Līgava”, MARTA with the song “Mīlestības contrabanda”, the group “Tautumeitas” and Renārs Kaupers with “Muoseņa”, Shipsea with “Pie upes”, the group “The Sound Poets” with the song “Pie jenas uņu”, Mick Dukurs and Veiv performing the song “Let’s talk”, Don with “Your touch”, as well as Darta Stepanova, who will perform the song “Zelta važas”.

After the performances of the finalists, a 15-minute live televoting will begin, which can influence the results of the first and second rounds of voting by 50%. In the first two rounds, the songs were evaluated by the “Muzikālā banka” expert council and listeners on the official website of the survey. Each finalist song will have a unique phone number, the last two digits of which will match the performance order of the finalists. Viewers and radio listeners will be able to vote three times for each song from one phone number, the fee for one call is EUR 0.14.

The experts of “Music Bank 2022” were an opera singer Sonora Vaicea pianist Andrei Osokinconductor Jurgis Cābulissinger and vocal teacher Beat Swedena musician of the band “Pienvedėja adhanumumi”. Maris Žigatsmusician and composer Aigars Voitiškiscomposer and singer of the group “Latvian Voices”. Laura Jacobsoncomposer and producer Edgars Vilcanssinging actor of the Latvian National Theatre Raimonds Celmsas well as culture editor and music columnist Kaspars Zaviļeiskis.

During the telephone voting, the audience will be delighted by guest performances – the groups “Dzelzs Wilks”, “Triānas Parks” and “Musiqq” will take the stage, while the singer Marija Naumova will sing about her anniversary year. Other musical surprises are also expected.

Also this year, all finalists of “Music Bank” will receive specially designed commemorative awards. This year, as last year, the artist of the award is Armands Jēkabsons, who created it according to the concept of the final show.

About “Music Bank”

“Muzikālā banka” is a survey organized by Latvian Radio 2, in which listeners determine the most valuable and most loved domestic songs every year. “Muzikālā banka” is broadcast on Latvian Radio 2 three times a week – on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 14.05 and on Saturdays from 12.00 Throughout the year, audience voting on the website determines the most valuable pop and rock songs of the week, month and year. Traditionally, the “Muzikālā banka” annual poll ends with a grand award ceremony, in which the authors and performers of songs whose works are most appreciated by the radio listeners and the jury take part.

This year “Music Bank” will be held for the 23rd time. “Music Bank 2021” the title of the most valuable song was won by “Prāta Vētra” and “Tautumeitas” with the song “Tur, kur Dieva kamanas slišt”. The second most valuable song became “Limuzīn uz krītas”, performed by the group “Citi Zēni”, while the third place was taken by Don with the song “It’s written in the sky (The Milky Way)”.

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